Mecton Al Laith offers scaffolding access system and mobile tower to our clients with high quality and safety standards. Our scaffolding rental & contract services include cup lock system, light weight scaffolding, heavy duty scaffolding, mobile towers, stair access scaffolding and Ladders.

Our products are used for the erection of temporary frames to support men and materials for various types of work including domestic scaffolding and large scale commercial and industrial projects. We rent a scaffolding access system for short term and long-term. We also deliver reliable and cost-effective solutions and a safe working environment to all our reliable customers.

Our products standards are complied with BS5973 and EN 12811 and provide best quality raw materials. The cuplock hiring services include Galvanized cuplock which is known for its strength, durability, and versatile use in the construction of scaffoldings. A cuplock can be used for straight, curved, and circular configurations for the access and support of the scaffoldings.

Scaffold towers has been one of the biggest improvements in scaffolding over the past decade. Scaffolding offers our customers the complete range of aluminum scaffold accessories. From varying width frames to bracing or wheels of different sizes, assorted ladders or just a platform.

Scaffolding for Building Construction

We build various types of scaffolding as per the specific requirements serving the different purposes of the clients like the following:

-For making access to the structure at height during construction
-To support workers and their tools
-To support significant loads from building materials

We generally use the following the below categories of scaffolding systems to make a safe working platform:-

1. Cuplock System Scaffolding
2. Tubular System Scaffolding
3. Independent Tied Scaffolding
4. Cantilever Scaffolding
5. Birdcage Scaffolding
6. Mobile Scaffolding/Stairway access tower

Scaffolding for Tanks & Oil Field

We undertake scaffolding works for Tanks and oil fields. We are a specialist company to construct scaffolding for any types of Tanks and for Oil field works. The scaffold can be erected along the perimeter of the tank or inside it, to carry out maintenance work as per your requirements. The scaffolding includes the fuel/oil tanks, water tanks, and chimneys. We install scaffolding for all types of tanks including fixed roof tanks, external floating roof tanks, internal floating roof tanks, domed external floating roof tanks, horizontal tanks…etc.

To perform maintenance and repair works on the exterior of a tank, it is necessary to access all the areas of the tanks, by installing suitable scaffolding on the external of the tank. We, as a reputed scaffolding contractor, provide a secured platform to make the work of the operators working on the tank at ease. Sometimes, you may require to have access to the inside of the tank for maintenance works. Also, not all the tanks are similar, there are different forms and capacities. In such cases, we design and install suitable scaffolding internal to the tank. We have certified scaffolders and a competent supervision team to erect the scaffolding catering to your needs.

We use cuplock system of scaffolding to make circular scaffolding around the vessels without compromising the quality. We are committed to providing a quick, impartial, reliable, and professional service for any project from simple to complex and small to large.

We construct scaffolding for the vessels and enable them to weld the stainless steel side panels together. Scaffolds erections around circular chemical and petrochemical vessels, tanks, and storage systems, allow the work to progress at any given level.

Our highly-trained personnel has diverse industry experience in the erection of scaffolding around the vessels. We also undertake scaffolding work for the oil fields with very reasonable scaffolding rental charges.

Scaffolding for Industrial repair & Maintenance

Mecton Al Laith is specialized in the installation and dismantling of scaffolding for all purposes of industrial repair and maintenance. The scaffolding requirements for industrial repair and maintenance are completely different from other industries. Especially, in the case of scaffolding for the plants during shut down works, our highly skilled team knows the difference in providing scaffolding works for various industries.

In case of scaffolding for the power plants, the sizes of scaffolding may not be uniform on all sides. Most often, it will be odd shapes, we will measure the actual size at the time of the erection of the scaffolding. Due to this reason, cuplock scaffolding or any other system scaffolding is not suitable for such cases, we need to build customized scaffolding in such situations so the tubular scaffolding or the so called tube and clamp scaffolding are used. In some special cases, cuplock scaffolding can also be used depending on the situational demands. Mobile scaffolding is also used for certain types of jobs.

Our team is very familiar with the procedure to install safe scaffolding for the repair, maintenance, and servicing of machinery, equipment, and other products. We extend our scaffolding works to manufacturing, construction, and production companies where they repair a wide variety of equipment and machinery.

We follow safe and secure systems for the installation of scaffolding for all the above works and complete the works within the given and said time frame. Our experienced scaffolders and supervisors manage such scaffolding jobs in a very efficient way. We design the scaffolding as per the specific requirements for each of the above activities.

Scaffolding for Mechanical & Steel Construction

Mecton Al Laith offers a wide range of scaffolding services for mechanical construction and steel construction. Mecton Al Laith is not only limited to mechanical and steel construction, we can undertake scaffolding works to have access to any structures.

We provide a complete range of scaffolding services including power installations, cabling systems, storage tanks, prefabricated steel buildings. We also offer scaffolding contract works for steel structure, tanks, piping, mechanical construction of HVAC and plumbing systems, boiler, furnace, chimney etc.

Scaffolding for Demolition of Building

Mecton Al Laith can construct scaffolding for the demolition of any size of building as per the requirements.
Whether demolishing an apartment block or extending a house, we make the project safe by using scaffolding which is essential. Requirements on many demolition sites vary from project to project, we can offer a full site survey, safety checks, and help with planning on the project as part of the package.

Providing scaffolding for building demolition work using a heavy-duty cuplock system for the following purposes:

* During demolition, containing dislodged materials or providing a safe platform for working and edge protection.
* Fencing all around the building with a net fixed onto the scaffolding.
* Making safe access and egress

Also, we consider the risk control measures, as below mentioned and implement during the scaffolding work for demolition activity.

* Securing of Scaffold planks to avoid dislodgement from falling debris
* Regular inspection and maintenance of the scaffolding
* Making sure that the scaffold is progressively dismantled and in line with demolition work
* Reduce the vertical spacing of the scaffold ties to facilitate the demolition cycle.
* Containment sheeting on the scaffold’s internal face to be installed for the purpose of deflecting material into the building thus reducing the potential for scaffold overloading.

Scaffolding for Electro Mechanical & MEP Companies

Mecton Al Laith offers scaffolding services to electromechanical and MEP companies. This includes scaffolding services for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) works. We undertake scaffolding installation and dismantling works of horizontal and vertical projects like villas, apartments, and high-rise buildings. Services for electromechanical and MEP companies include scaffolding tower, cuplock scaffolding, birdcage scaffolding, and Tubular scaffolding etc. We supply steel scaffolding on a rental basis as per the specific requirements of our clients.

Mecton Al Laith provides scaffolding services to shut down works, equipment installation, and maintenance, electrical installation, fittings & fixtures services. Installing air conditioning systems, electrical power and lighting systems including transformer substations and emergency power generators, fire protection and alarm systems, security access and surveillance systems and overhead cabling works.

We undertake scaffolding works for the above activities in the construction and maintenance fields. We ensure that a safe system of work is followed during installation of scaffolding for all the above works.